Belmont Residence

Location: Belmont, Massachusetts
Size: 5,000 sq ft
Year: 2012

This project was both a renovation and an addition to an already wonderful mid-century modernist house in Belmont, MA. Originally built in the 1950’s, this true architectural gem needed to be opened up to meet the needs of the new owner. The goal was to add to the original house in a complimentary way without being overly nostalgic. Needing to provide bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate a family with 5 children, the walls were nearly completely removed from the main living spaces, allowing the seamless flow between, kitchen, dining and living. The rear walls, made up almost entirely of glazing truly blurs the line between outside and inside. New spaces, like the 2nd floor office (with full 2 story deck) were detailed using modernist concepts combined with contemporary techniques and materials.

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